The holiday season and Christmas, in particular, is a great time to get together with your family and/or friends to enjoy some fun and spread some generosity.

Originally, the Wise Men traveled to give the baby Jesus gifts of Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh (how are those for eco-friendly gifts!), now it’s your turn to gift some great all-natural, Earth-friendly presents to your loved ones!

While it is a lovely idea, many people get stressed over what to give to their loved ones and end up scrambling at the last minute. We might end up purchasing gifts that lack the unique personal flavor or general usefulness that we had originally planned!

Hopefully, this list can help with the stress and allow you to plan great gifts for Christmas!

 1. “Grow Food Not Lawns” Tote Bag

Although these are not made of bamboo or organic cotton, they are infinitely reusable and spread an eco-friendly message that we sorely need spread around in these times. Grass lawns are one of the biggest sources of water and resource waste and should be eliminated if we are building a sustainable planet! The design is beautiful and is also available as a pillow, clock, or iPhone skin!

Support an independent artist and get a great gift for your family or friends – while supporting a worthy cause! How does it get better than that? : )


 2. “Save the Green” Laptop/iPad Skin

Another beautifully designed product that includes a great message! This is perfect for the techie in your house! Protect their gear and spread the word to friends and family about the need to “save the green”!

This is another unique item you won’t find anywhere else, so support this great designer and surprise your loved one with a cool gift this Christmas!


 3. BEMAGSA Messenger Handbag

This messenger bag is perfect for the out-and-about person in your life and is the perfect size to fit a 13″ laptop or iPad. It’s great for a man or a woman and it makes perfect sense for going to the office, class, or out in nature for a walk or bike ride.

We love the roomy design of this bag and it’s such a great value! Impress your loved one on a budget!


4. Leaves Women’s Leggings

Looking for a gift for your sister, cousin, girlfriend, wife, or best friend? If they like leggings, they will love these…

This beautiful leaf pattern is handmade and these leggings are made from the highest-quality anti-microbial polyester/spandex. They are moisture wicking and stay breathable… Perfect for being active or going out for a night on the town!


5. Bamboo Lap Desk

Another great one for the tech-savvy loved one in your life. This “lap desk” is perfect to take a break from working at your desk, and comfortably relax while browsing on your favorite device while remaining ergonomic and keeping your notes organized.

It rests on your lap with a cotton cushion filled with Polybead technology for ultimate comfort. This is a great gift under $50. This handcrafted lap desk is made of 100% Moso bamboo so it is completely eco-friendly and durable.


6. MOQY Bamboo/Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This is one of our favorite eco-friendly products we’ve seen in a while. Combining slick design, a lifetime warranty, and completely green materials, this travel mug with included tea infuser for loose leaf tea is PERFECT for a thoughtful Christmas present!

This thermos keeps your beverages hot for 8 hours, warm for 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours and is sweat-free (no moisture accumulates on the outside). Time to surprise someone with a gift they will actually use!


7. “Go Green” Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs make great gifts for holidays because, especially with coffee and tea drinkers, they get used all the time! It’s a great, affordable way to give someone some real value and improve their quality of life!

A friend just gave me a new mug to drink tea with a cute illustration of a frog on it, actually. I was surprised at how happy it made me! LOL, but seriously everyone loves a good coffee mug. This is great quality and bears a great message and a nice reminder each morning to do our part in conserving resources to help our home, the Earth!


8. Hanging Vertical Garden (7 Pockets)

Plants keep oxygen flowing and can lift our spirits with their beauty and resilience. Not all of us have huge yards for our dream garden, but products like this allow us to do it anywhere there’s a wall and some sun!

This Hanging Vertical Garden is made from 100% Recycled PET Plastic Bottles. Plastic bottles are one of the hardest things to recycle and are clogging up our landfills as we speak. This Hanging Vertical Garden is awesome and perfect as a gift for that relative or friend with a big, green thumb!


9. Mosquito Repelling LED Lamp

What’s worse than having a great meal outdoors or some quiet family time and being bothered by insects, like mosquitos, the whole time… With this eco-friendly, non-toxic bug repelling lamp, you can not only light your outdoor area with style, but you can lure and kill insects to make your time more enjoyable.

Easy to clean, durable, low power usage, easy to use, and highly effective as an insect repeller, this is a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors, but hates the bites and stings that go with it!


10. 3D Multi-Colored Basketball or Football Lamp

Looking for a cool gift for a young sports fan? This creative and useful lamp changes between 7 colors and is USB powered. Available in a basketball design or a football design, kids that love sports will love to have this on their desk or in the room as a nightlight.

On sale for $20, this is a great deal and is a creative gift for that “cool kid” in your life!


11. Eco-Friendly Double Hammock

Relaxing on a super-comfortable hammock and saving the environment at the same time? How is that possible? Well, it’s easy and affordable with this eco-friendly double hammock – made of 50% cotton scraps & 50% recycled PET plastic bottles. In fact, for each hammock they recycle 25 2-liter plastic bottles!

This is a wonderful, sustainable gift for anybody you care about. Hammocks are great for many reasons, including a more peaceful sleep and to relieve back problems (ancient civilizations only slept in hammocks).

This gift idea comes highly recommended!


12. Ecolunchbox Oval Box & Snack Cup

Ditch the wasteful plastic utensils and containers! Your family will love this Ecolunchbox on-the-go container made of stainless steel (plastic-free) that is leak-free, dishwasher safe and keeps food fresh. This design comes with a large oval container plus a smaller cup that’s perfect for dips and comes with a non-toxic, food grade silicone lid to prevent leakage.

Great for everything from kids taking healthy lunches to school to the whole family enjoying a picnic at the beach or at the park! Good for your family and for the Earth.


13. HippyPits Natural Tea Tree Deodorant

Everybody stinks! No really, though, human beings begin to smell funky after even a few hours of activity… Many people don’t know that all of the popular, name-brand deodorants contain harmful chemicals that not Earth-friendly and can cause serious health issues over time.

HippyPits deodorants have been tested in hot yoga sessions, a 50,000km cycling race, and a kickboxing match. This is some serious stuff, plus it is 100% natural and contains no harmful chemicals. A perfect gift for those active folks – plus get 10% off your first purchase!


14. Mountain Woods 16×16 Extra Thick Chopping Block

A beautifully designed and natural cutting board that’s perfect for the top chef in your life! This durable chopping block is unaffected by knife cuts, so no bacteria grows in little ridges and you get the cleanest food every time.

Make the kitchen an even cooler place to be with this unique and all-natural extra thick chopping block!

Extra Thick Wood Chopping Block

15. Organic Black Seed Oil

Black Cumin Seed is one of the oldest holistic cures used in the world for all kinds of ailments including apathy, Alzheimer’s, liver problems, diabetes, infections, and more.

As the old saying goes: “Black Seed Oil cures everything except death”. We drink this stuff daily and are ecstatic about the improvements we’ve seen.

Giving this as a gift during the holidays will really show that you care about that person. This is a serious holistic cure that improves the quality of life of human beings.

This particular bottle, also, is 100% organic and pure and housed in an amber glass bottle that has a shelf life of 3 years! The seeds are collected in India & Egypt and the oil cold-pressed in California. Give it a try!


Happy Shopping!

Most of your friends and family are probably aware that pollution and waste are a threat to our environment. For those that are not as aware, these gifts are a great way to spread the word and introduce some high-quality, all-natural products that may inspire them to “go green” along with you!

We hope that you loved these 15 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts under $50 and that your relatives and friendly love them too!

Now it’s time to share the love with your friends! Let us know which product you like the most in the comments section. Happy Holidays! <3