After spending too much of my life suffering from colds, the flu, strep throat, and other infections, then ingesting antibiotics that negatively affected my overall health, I was fed up.

My chronic cases of strep throat were especially horrible. That feeling of swallowing shards of broken glass gets old after about the first minute.

Over the counter medicines helped symptoms but never expeditated recovery and, generally, had some strange side effects. Antibiotics are absolutely horrible and come with all kinds of other problems after the sickness has already left. I am still battling to help my good gut flora flourish after so many bouts with bacterial infections and antibiotics. Never again…

In general, doctors did nothing but poison me and drug stores did nothing but offer temporary relief from symptoms. After my second case of strep throat in a two month period, I couldn’t handle any more antibiotics or pharmaceutical “cures”.

The remedy I am about to share cured my second case of strep throat in about five days.

Cure Your Cold, Flu, or Infection in Days Not Weeks

This cure came from my lovely wife and is an age-old remedy for all kinds of sicknesses. Here are the ingredients you need to mix together:

Is that all? Yes. That is all you need to kill that nasty bacteria or weaken that virus.

During my 2-month strep throat marathon, I had treated the first infection with antibiotics thinking that was the only way to cure a bacterial infection. Though it was successful, when the second infection started after the antibiotics were done I was feeling utterly hopeless.

I couldn’t handle another round of antibiotics (they probably wouldn’t have done anything to help anyway in rapid succession) and I didn’t know of another way to stop the infection.

When my wife suggested this magic remedy, I was at the point where I would try anything. ANYTHING. The pain was unbearable.

Time to Mix it Up!

She mixed up some 100% natural honey (it’s very important that it’s high-quality honey; that corporate, name brand “honey” can make you sicker) with 2-4 cloves of finely minced garlic (so it’s easier to swallow as it can be very intense to chew, especially with throat pain), some grated ginger root, and a teaspoon or so of cayenne pepper.

Keep it in an airtight container and use a new spoon or utensil every time you take it to avoid getting any bacteria in your mixture.

After taking a tablespoon of this mixture (the more garlic the better!) 5 times a day for 3 days my strep throat symptoms were subsiding. I started to have more energy, slept better, and began to make a full recovery within 5 days. Cured of strep throat in 5 days! I couldn’t believe it. My wife and I were jumping for joy…

Nowadays, colds don’t stand a chance, the flu is gone in less than a week, and even bacterial infections, like strep throat, can be under control within a few days.

We keep a jar of this mixture on hand and take it every other day, even when we’re not sick. The health benefits of this mixture seem to go far beyond killing bacteria: it actually improves your health in general.

Why Does it Work So Well?


Garlic has been used to fight illness and kill bad bacteria for thousands of years because of it’s amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It’s a miracle cure (comparable to antibiotics) for just about any problem in your body, not limited to stomach/digestion problems, bacterial infections, common colds, hemorrhoids, fungal infections, sinus infections, and earaches. There really isn’t anything ailment that garlic doesn’t at least help with.

Ginger Root

A celebrated root native to the warmer regions of Asia, ginger has strong anti-viral properties and is your best friend in the fight against common colds and the flu. Ginger is great for stomach problems, viral infections, and new research is even showing that Ginger aids in the fight against several types of cancer.


Those wonderful bees create this anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory liquid from the nectar of flowers. It has been utilized for medicinal purposes for centuries and was even found in tombs found in Ancient Egypt! Honey is known to boost energy, revive memory, and treat wounds by keeping them in a moist, healthy layer which encourages healing. For the purposes of this article, it soothes coughs (better than OTC drugs), boosts the immune system, and improves sleep quality. Thank you bees!

Raw Honey
Recommended by Eco-Friendly Today

Cayenne Pepper

This pepper is another of nature’s miracles. Originating from Central and South America, cayenne pepper has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for infections, digestion issues, headaches (even migraines), poor blood circulation, joint pain, and even stomach ulcers! Recent studies that shown that cayenne pepper is an anti-irritant that inhibits acid secretion and encourages alkali secretions, preventing and soothing stomach problems of all kinds. For our purposes it contains a wealth of vitamins and works to break up and stimulate mucus to pass, quickly curing common colds and the flu.

Recommended by Eco-Friendly Today

The Dangers of Antibiotics

Antibiotics changed the nature of the medicine in the 20th century because of their effectiveness in killing bacterial infections. Unfortunately, this has led to an overuse of antibiotics that now is affecting humans (and animals) in horrible ways.

When antibiotics kill the “bad” bacteria that’s infecting your body they’re also killing a concerning amount of the healthy bacteria, or gut flora, that resides in your gut and regulates many of the processes that keep us healthy.

Without that “good” gut flora, our bodies fall into a pit of despair and unless we change our diets, take probiotics and other supplements, the overuse of antibiotics can have long-term negative effects.


The pharmaceutical industry would love to have you ingesting their toxic mixes of symptom-relieving chemicals but history has shown that it’s just not necessary. We can cure common colds and infections with natural, healing substances that are readily available anywhere in the world.

The mixture of honey, garlic, and cayenne pepper combines three of the most health restoring compounds on Earth and guarantees a quick recovery from infections. Even used topically, these substances can work wonders on wounds, infections, fungus, and many other issues with quickness and no side effects. I repeat, no side effects! No overdoses…

We hope this remedy helps keep you moving forward and prevents setbacks from annoyances like the common cold, flu, strep throat, or thousands of other types of bodily infections. I’m glad to say it works for us.

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