Though it may not be one of our favorite things to do, cleaning our living space is absolutely necessary. Dirt, dust, and bacteria are not only gross but can be dangerous to your health and the health of your family.

Unfortunately, bacteria isn’t the only thing that’s unsafe as the average home contains about 25 lbs of toxic cleaning products.

Most of us head to the local grocery store or mini-mart and pick up a cheap product like Fabuloso or Lysol brand cleaners then we head home and get to work. But, did you know that name brand cleaners can contain toxic chemicals? Some of these chemicals have even been proven to cause cancer

Plus, many of us are letting these cleaning products go down our drains and gutters, then into our water supply. So, not only are they destructive to our health but also to the health of our planet.

While it’s sad that the most available type of cleaning solution is toxic and possibly cancer-causing, we are going to cheer you up with some alternatives that will clean surfaces as good as name brand cleaners will but with peace of mind because you know that your family is safe and you are helping to reduce unnecessary waste on our planet!

First, we’ll cover some amazing companies that manufacture all-natural household cleaners.

Natural Household Cleaners

Thankfully, there are several companies that are addressing this problem by manufacturing household cleaners made from all-natural, food-grade, and plant-based ingredients to make cleaning safe for your family’s health. Check out our favorites!


Ecover Cleaning Products

This Belgian company is doing a wonderful job of creating and promoting cleaning products that are all-natural and only use family-safe ingredients and have done so for over 30 years.

One thing I love about Ecover is that they make sure their entire product is completely biodegradable. Nothing exists after the biodegradation of this product, it just goes back into the cycle of life seamlessly.

In 1992, Ecover built the first ecological manufacturing facility in the world utilizing natural light from the sun instead of lights, a creative load bearing wooden framework, brick walls made of eco-friendly bricks, and a “green” roof with Sedum (a plant used for roofing because it can survive extended exposure to heat and drought). They even recycle rainwater for use in the factory.

This is a reputable company who has time and time again proven that they are working towards sustainability for cleaning products. They have addressed concerns about additives in their products (which is not true) and provide a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Eco-Friendly Today highly recommends replacing your current cleaning products with Ecover products. This is a company that isn’t going anywhere and you can trust to be constantly improving their cleaning products.

Better Life

Better Life Cleaning Products

This is another company making all-natural, family-safe household cleaning products.

In my experience, the dish soap worked really well and had a subtle, fresh scent. It’s great when your dishes don’t smell like chemicals afterward!

They offer a wide range of products including a dedicated floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, dishwashing gel, and glass cleaner.

They are all made of plant-derived ingredients and don’t include any dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, or petroleum solvents. I also love that they are not tested on animals. But, it gets even better.

Manufactured using solar energy and housed in recyclable containers, Better Life cleaning products really set the bar high for family-safe, Earth-safe cleaning products.

These are great cleaning products, though I’ve since gotten hooked to Ecover


Biokleen Cleaning Products

Headquartered in Vancouver, WA and operating since 1989, Biokleen was created by Jim Rimer in response to the horrible side effects he saw on customers and colleagues while working at a chemical supply company.

He was fired after trying to encourage more safety and educational training in the workplace and made it his mission to use natural, safe alternatives for cleaning products.

I’ve used their Laundry Liquid for a few years now and I’m still surprised at how efficient it is. Two bottles can last 4+ months! The scent is fresh and doesn’t smell like chemicals. Honestly, this stuff works better than name brand laundry detergents and lasts longer.

I recommended Biokleen Laundry Liquid to a friend who was having trouble switching to cloth diapers and she was astonished at how well it cleaned. As far as I know, it changed the game and made it possible for her to continue using them!

They have a wide variety of products and I’ve heard great things about their Bac-Out line of cleaners. I’m actually in the market for a good bathroom cleaner and I’m thinking about trying Bac-Out (review coming!).

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  • Ecover Cleaning Products

  • A great company with an eco-friendly factory and a line of cleaning products that are as natural as possible, biodegradable, and have constantly improved for 30 years. I love the all-purpose cleaner.

  • Better Life Cleaning Products

  • An eco-friendly company making natural cleaning products with solar power. The huge selection of products is a little confusing (not all are as good as the floor cleaner). Worth checking out!

  • Biokleen Cleaning Products

  • The result of a brilliant man being fired by a chemical company after improving safety training, then going on to invent his own nautral cleaners. This is an inspiring company making some great cleaning products. I highly recommend the laundry liquid!

Making Your Own Cleaning Solution

Natural Cleaning Supplies

The previous all-natural cleaning brands are awesome and highly recommended but if you really want to save money and take the DIY route with your cleaning regiment, you can easily make an all-purpose cleaner from inexpensive ingredients.

Utilizing alcohol as the primary cleaning component and essential oils as a lovely fragrance, this mixture will clean well while leaving your home smelling pleasant and relaxing.

For this recipe, all you’ll need is:

Fill a spray bottle (preferably one that’s laying around from earlier usage or one made of recycled materials) and fill it 3/4 full with warm water. Then, add about 1/4 cup of your Pure Castile Soap (we recommend lavender flavored because… why not?). Pour in 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. Add about 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil and 20 drops of Lavender Oil to your mixture for a natural fragrance! Finally, shake your mixture gently to combine the ingredients and you’re ready to start cleaning any surface in your home!

The essential oils (in our case Tea Tree/Lavender) can be replaced with other great-smelling, healthy, and relaxing oils. We recommend experimenting with Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, or Lemon to find your preferred flavor combination!

Making your own household cleaner is both fun and inexpensive and takes away any worry you may have about harmful chemicals lining the surfaces of you and your family’s home! Finally… peace of mind.

Safer for Your Home, Better for Our Earth

With all of the harmful, cancer-causing chemicals that are present in the most popular, name brand cleaning products, it doesn’t take long to want to look for an alternative. We all need to clean our homes but we don’t have to risk the health of our family and pets.

Buying eco-friendly, all-natural cleaning products or making your own out of simple ingredients is a great alternative to chemicals that you can’t pronounce and corporations that profit by cutting corners and not caring about people’s health. Ecover, Better Life, and Biokleen are doing a great job of creating natural, eco-friendly products that keep the health of your family and our planet in mind.

By changing your buying habits, you produce less waste for the Earth to have to deal with and increase your quality of life and that of your family’s by cleaning with powerful but healthy ingredients. These methods do just as good of a job as the name brands.

We really hope you enjoy these natural cleaning products and our DIY all-purpose cleaner recipe.

If you have anything to add, please leave us a comment!